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Our AC Horn food processing equipment holds up where others fall short because of our family’s unwavering commitment to honest craftsmanship and genuine quality.

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  • Popcorn

    Produce any type of popcorn product from candied or coated versions to plain, flavored or even puffed corn snacks.

  • Roasted Nuts

    Roast or dry any variety of nuts, seeds or similar foods such as small vegetables thoroughly and consistently.

  • Blanched Peanuts

    Blanch either split or whole nuts, resulting in a perfectly smooth nutmeat, suitable for snack mixes or other foods.

  • Japanese Peanuts

    Create plain or flavored Japanese Peanuts, coating nuts with a thin, smooth and uniform crunchy outer shell.

  • Nut Butter

    Mill with precision any type of nut for textures ranging from cracked or comminuted to fluffed or pulverized for smooth, spreadable nut butters.

  • Corn Tortillas + Chips

    Select the most durable stoneless masa mill to produce perfect tortillas, chips or other flatbreads from corn masa.

  • Pellets

    Puff snack pellets in multiple shapes, sizes or textures from a wide range of base grains for ready-to-eat consumer snacks.

Our Equipment

  • M320 Popcorn Cooker/Coater

    In keeping with company tradition to infuse quality into every aspect of our machinery and operations, our M320 Cooker/Coater features a uniquely engineered single-process design.

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  • Continuous Nut Roasters

    Putting quality into the entire process is exactly what we’ve done with our new Telford Turbo-Flo Roaster.

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  • Batch Roasters

    AC Horn Manufacturing Batch Roasters are top choices for a company seeking a low-cost, high-quality roaster.

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Our Stories

  • Still Poppin’

    AC Horn Manufacturing. Built with integrity. It all started in a modest garage in Texas in 1907...

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  • Generations of craftsmanship

    Company loyalty is a rare commodity within business today. What’s even more rare is intergenerational company loyalty.  AC Horn Manufacturing is proud to be a rare organization. “We have several multigenerational employees from the same family,” explains, Michael Horn, president and a fourth-generation Horn employee himself. “Fathers, sons and grandsons all work together here crafting our machines. We’re really proud that our employees enjoy working here and encourage their family members to work here too.”

    Skills and knowledge are handed down from father to son and generation to generation. This creates institutional knowledge that is invaluable to the organization and its customers. The company motto of ‘Excellence and Integrity’ is reflected in the Horn work environment. Employees are valued for their excellence and integrity, which they build into each piece of equipment.

    Generations of craftsmanship
  • Michael Horn named President

    DALLAS – (Oct. 30, 2014) — Michael Douglas Horn, Jr. is the new president of AC Horn Manufacturing. He succeeds his father, Doug, in the role. Continuing a family tradition of leadership and integrity, Michael takes over the reins as only the fourth president in the company’s more than 100-year history. Like his predecessors, he is committed to ensuring the consistent, superior quality associated with Horn machines is carried through into the next generation and beyond. “Horn equipment has always been made with good, honest craftsmanship,” says Michael Horn. “This is evidenced in its reliability and the fact that it is trusted by both large and small snack food producers. My responsibility is to safeguard this heritage while growing the business.”

    Company Vision

    Before taking the helm at Horn, Michael worked in various positions in the company, starting in his teens on the shop floor. He rejoined the company as an Equipment Salesman at age 29, later becoming the Vice President of Sales.

    Michael is also a proud Texas A&M graduate and former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer. “I’m honored to be leading this next phase of growth for Horn. We’ll be focused on creating solutions to fit the changing needs of our customers and expanding globally.”

    Michael Horn named President
  • Doug Horn tribute

    On Saturday, July 5th, 2014, Michael Douglas ‘Doug’ Horn, Sr., passed away. He was biking through the campus of his beloved alma mater Southern Methodist University, when he took a fatal fall from his bicycle. In the words of his wife, Priscilla, he catapulted directly into the arms of his beloved savior, Jesus Christ.

    In October 2012, Doug was diagnosed with a progressive brain disorder. To further understand his diagnosis and to develop coping mechanisms, he worked closely with the Center for BrainHealth in Dallas, which allowed him to continue to steer AC Horn & Co. until his death. Doug prided himself by embodying the company motto “Excellence and Integrity.” He always said that when the excellence runs out, the integrity kicks in.

    After announcing Doug’s passing, Priscilla carried out his wishes and designated Michael Douglas Horn, Jr., as the new president of AC Horn & Co. As the fourth generation of leadership from the Horn family, he is committed to following in his father’s footsteps by leading and conducting the company with the highest standards of “Excellence and Integrity.” The company recently closed out the most successful fiscal year in its 107-year history, and Michael plans to maintain that momentum through the transition into this new chapter.

    Doug Horn tribute