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Our AC Horn food processing equipment holds up where others fall short because of our family’s unwavering commitment to honest craftsmanship and genuine quality.

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  • Popcorn

    Produce any type of popcorn product from candied or coated versions to plain, flavored or even puffed corn snacks.

  • Roasted Nuts

    Roast or dry any variety of nuts, seeds or similar foods such as small vegetables thoroughly and consistently.

  • Blanched Peanuts

    Blanch either split or whole nuts, resulting in a perfectly smooth nutmeat, suitable for snack mixes or other foods.

  • Japanese Peanuts

    Create plain or flavored Japanese Peanuts, coating nuts with a thin, smooth and uniform crunchy outer shell.

  • Nut Butter

    Mill with precision any type of nut for textures ranging from cracked or comminuted to fluffed or pulverized for smooth, spreadable nut butters.

  • Corn Tortillas + Chips

    Select the most durable stoneless masa mill to produce perfect tortillas, chips or other flatbreads from corn masa.

  • Pellets

    Puff snack pellets in multiple shapes, sizes or textures from a wide range of base grains for ready-to-eat consumer snacks.

Our Equipment

  • M320 Popcorn Cooker/Coater

    In keeping with company tradition to infuse quality into every aspect of our machinery and operations, our M320 Cooker/Coater features a uniquely engineered single-process design.

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  • Continuous Nut Roasters

    Putting quality into the entire process is exactly what we’ve done with our new Telford Turbo-Flo Roaster.

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  • Batch Roasters

    AC Horn Manufacturing Batch Roasters are top choices for a company seeking a low-cost, high-quality roaster.

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Our Stories

  • Still Poppin’

    AC Horn Manufacturing. Built with integrity. It all started in a modest garage in Texas in 1907...

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  • Global Snacking Phenomenon

    Snacking is so entrenched in our society now it’s no longer a trend but the new national pastime. Nearly all Americans (94%) snack at least once a day, according to recently published Mintel data. And the frequency of snack occasions is increasing. Half of all adults (50%) report they snack two to three times per day. 

    Americans aren’t the only ones snacking—it is truly a global phenomenon with Nielsen reporting the global snack market topping $374 billion in sales. And nuts ands seeds as ingredients feature prominently within this snack segment. According to Innova Market Insights nuts and seeds accounted for more than 37 percent of global snack food launches in 2013 and nuts’ share within the snack category continues to grow. 

    Another product experiencing phenomenal sales within snacking is ready-to-eat (RTE) popcorn. The RTE popcorn/caramel corn category, according to IRI, witnessed sales increases of 18.17% in a single year (May 2015 compared to May 2014). Multiple individual brands saw sales of their products skyrocket more than 100% during this time period, contributing to the impressive overall category sales increase. 

    Part of the reason behind an improved outlook for nuts and popcorn is the emphasis on healthy snacking. Driving this growth for better-for-you (BFY) snacks are Millennials and Generation Z—the demographic cluster of those ages 23 and younger. These combined population segments have positive attitudes about snacking, a desire to eat more healthfully and a need for convenience. 

    Both nuts and popcorn fit into this BFY snack trend perfectly. RTE popcorn, with its low calorie count, is an almost guilt-free food. The health benefits of various types of nuts are well-known. Nuts are popular eaten alone, or incorporated into nutrition bars or trail mix. Trail mix combines ingredients consumers perceive as healthy, such as nuts, seeds and fruit, or can include a touch of chocolate for a grand slam win. 

    AC Horn Manufacturing manufactures quality equipment for efficient processing or production of nuts, seeds, popcorn and kettle corn to allow manufacturers to take advantage of these growing market segments. Selecting the right piece of equipment for processing nuts and seeds, or for popcorn is crucial to maintaining profit margins and ensuring that a quality product is going out the door. Improve your throughput with a piece of reliable equipment designed to last for decades. 

    Global Snacking Phenomenon
  • AC Horn hires first-ever COO

    DALLAS – (Dec. 3, 2014) — In a strategic move to position AC Horn for growth, Michael Douglas Horn, Jr., AC Horn president, announced the appointment of Robert Hays to the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Hays will be responsible for improving company operations and leading new product development. He will report directly to Mr. Horn. “Bob brings a long history of successful leadership and business development to the company,” says Horn. “My goal is to grow the company into a global leader in nuts and popcorn equipment manufacturing, and Bob will be an integral part of achieving that goal.”

    Prior to joining AC Horn, Mr. Hays served as executive vice president operations, unit president and division president in the commercial furnishings segment of Leggett and Platt, an S&P 500 diversified manufacturer.  During his career, he developed a broad global perspective completing an acquisition and leading a joint venture in China, as well as business development efforts across Europe and Asia—growing sales from $7M to $47M in one of his assignments. “My primary philosophy is that success is all about the people and building strong teams that work together to achieve a common goal,” explains Hays.

    Mr. Hays holds a B.S. in Engineering from University of Missouri, an M.S. in Engineering from Missouri School of Science and Technology, and an MBA from Washington University. In his spare time, he enjoys running, reading, family and volunteering.  He and his wife, Lisa, recently relocated from their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Dallas, Texas. 

    AC Horn hires first-ever COO
  • Generations of craftsmanship

    Company loyalty is a rare commodity within business today. What’s even more rare is intergenerational company loyalty.  AC Horn Manufacturing is proud to be a rare organization. “We have several multigenerational employees from the same family,” explains, Michael Horn, president and a fourth-generation Horn employee himself. “Fathers, sons and grandsons all work together here crafting our machines. We’re really proud that our employees enjoy working here and encourage their family members to work here too.”

    Skills and knowledge are handed down from father to son and generation to generation. This creates institutional knowledge that is invaluable to the organization and its customers. The company motto of ‘Excellence and Integrity’ is reflected in the Horn work environment. Employees are valued for their excellence and integrity, which they build into each piece of equipment.

    Generations of craftsmanship