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Nut Butter Line


You can rely on AC Horn Manufacturing as your single-source supplier for a complete processing line for nut butter. We can supply all equipment and design an integrated control system. We will provide complete drawing sets and manage the project. You have our guarantee that the project will be finished on time and meet your specifications.

A complete nut butter line requires coordination of several elements, including:

  1. Equipment:
    • Processing equipment
    • Packaging equipment
    • Piping
  2. Services:
    • Design/engineering (create the drawings to set up the plant)
    • Installation (installation of the equipment, piping and supporting items)
    • Commissioning
  3. System integration: For a fully automated line, this is one of the most critical components. A Horn programmer will design a program custom to your butter line controlled from one main panel. Our system integration ensures continuous, seamless operation, shift after shift.
  4. Project management: A complete line will require project management to coordinate the whole project.

Nut Butter Line