Corn Masa Mills


Our Stoneless Masa mill creates a new benchmark for superiority that other mills fail to meet. Instead of stone or aluminum oxide plates, its design and construction relies on proprietary Nihard alloy plates. The durability of our Nihard alloy plates allows for greater precision grinding than either stone-based mills or those using aluminum oxide plates. Stones are subject to chipping, creating an inconsistent mill surface that reduces product uniformity. Rocks, metal and foreign debris, common in masa processing, won’t affect the precision performance of our Nihard alloy plates. Our system also saves you time and the expense of installing a second “downstream” piece of equipment for de-stoning.

Masa Mill

In comparison to aluminum oxide, there is no comparison. Our tough Nihard alloy plates provide consistent product from run to run without the frequent adjustment required by aluminum plates. The durability supplied by the Nihard alloy is rated at approximately 10 million pounds of processed masa before replacement is needed.

In general, you can expect product throughput between 2,500 to 6,000 lbs/hr of finished masa. For the most rugged, durable and dependable masa mill in the market, turn to AC Horn Manufacturing.

Available Options

Cup & cone assembly Consolidated control panel (LM-18” Mill only) Six different mill plate options


Masa Mill Specifications

Model # Max Output*
12" Mill 2,000-2,500 lbs/hr
18" Mill 2,500-6,000 lbs/hr

Output estimates are estimates only. Actual final output depends upon recipe and customer process. AC Horn Manufacturing will work diligently with you to meet your company's precise processing needs.