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M205 Cooker/Coater System


At AC Horn Manufacturing we build quality into our entire process. Our goal for the M205 Series Cooker/Coaters is to enable you to create perfect caramel corn with every batch, for years of trouble-free operations. We carefully engineered these precision built machines to do just that, giving you decades of superior performance and durability. Caramel corn, peanut brittle and other caramel coated products can be manufactured at capacities ranging from 300 to 1,000 lbs/hr (depending upon recipe and coating ratio).

Optional features offer operators the opportunity to produce kettle corn at capacities of 400 to 1,000 lbs/hr.


M205 Cooker/Coater System

Program design features and operating simplicity elevated our machine to the preferred choice among worldwide leaders in the snack food industry. The Cooker/Coaters are extremely accurate and easy to operate, giving operators the ability to precisely control manufacturing variables for the best product.

Available Sections


1 Screw Conveyor Feeds raw popcorn into the popper
2 Popper (M419, M448, M538) Popcorn seed passes through the cabinet via a screw auger wrapped in perforated sheet metal. The popcorn seeds are popped with hot air. Popcorn seeds will lose 7-10% of mass due to the loss of moisture and shell
3 Sifting Tumbler The sifting tumbler sifts undersized and unpopped kernels known as “old maids.” Generally, 3% of product will be sifted


4 Transfer Conveyor Transfers popped, sifted popcorn from the sifting tumbler to the hopper/Feeder
5 Hopper/Feeder Accumulates and holds popcorn from the transfer conveyor then feeds the product onto the infeed conveyor. A feeder is necessary to maintain a consistent, continuous feed into the system
6 Infeed Conveyor Carries popcorn over the weigh cells. Popcorn discharges onto the weigh cells via a pant-leg chute


7 M319 Slurry Pump System Mixes the slurry ingredients before transferring to the M205 kettle through a pump system. Kettles can be self-contained, electric or hemispheric, steam-heated kettles.


8 M458 Overhead Weigh Cell The weigh cell weighs out the popcorn to a predetermined weight. The popcorn is held in the hopper until the caramel slurry is ready to be mixed with the popcorn
9 M205 Cooker/Coater Cooks the slurry to appropriate temperature and mixes the popcorn and slurry together. The agitator comes standard with a double helix but may be optioned as a single helix agitator
10 M211 Collection Conveyor The collection conveyor accepts coated popcorn. The popcorn is conveyed up an incline conveyor under four paddles. The paddles spread the batch so that the product is evenly metered into the rotary cooler/separator
11 M416 Rotary Cooler/Separator Cools and separates the coated popcorn through a rotating drum. The product is separated with a series of stainless steel fingers as ambient air is blown into the cooler. The product will discharge at ambient temperature


M205 Specifications

Model # Capacity Per Kettle
M205 300-500 lbs/hr
136-227 kg/hr

Capacities for this system are based upon input temperature of 185 F. Actual final output depends upon recipe and customer process. A. C. Horn & Company will work diligently with you to meet your company's precise processing needs.